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Whereas if we see for IT sector in Karachi, there is a huge number of Free lancers. These people do not work for any specific company, they usually get a paid for the tasks assigned by random customers. There is another category for IT sector employees, they work for some specific foreign company which do not have any office in Pakistan. There is a problem that these employees generally get distracted while working from home, because there is not a proper office environment.
These are some problems faced by personals who want to work in Karachi temporarily. To encounter this situation and need to have some work place, temporary offices are developed in several areas of Karachi to overcome this requirement. This temporary office thing similarly works as rental houses, they are built to provide a proper environment to work professionally.
There are 2 major categories in rental offices. In first category the complete office is hired on rent, and also managed by the company itself. the other one is different, in this category only limited place is provided on rent and owner of place manages and provides facilities and charge for them. Second category is less expensive because the rent is divided and maximum facilities are provided within office.
A friend of mine also rented an office of second category. He is a software engineer and works for some foreign company which do not have any office in Pakistan. The company deals with him through internet. He was having a problem working from home and was often getting distracted. So he decided to work in a rental office, where he is provided with a cabin and other facilities like cafeteria.
This not only provides a solution to fulfill the need, but also a good business in itself. The owner earns great amount of money as the rent amount is quite high. So it can be concluded that rental offices are useful for a situation when one wants to develop a temporary office.
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