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Learn Quran Online by our best teachers in Pakistan, take our perfect Quran Online classes on Skype and learn to read The Holy Quran with proper pronunciation on the internet by sitting at home.

The Quran is a gift to humankind by Almighty Allah. The first thing to understand about Quran is its form. Arabic word ‘Quran’, literally means both ‘recitation’ and ‘reading’. The Holy Quran was revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the month of Ramadan in 610 AD. The Quran is a continuation of the previous divine messages that Allah has sent. The Holy Quran consists of 30 Parahs and 114 Surah. From the 114 chapters, 86 chapters are revealed in Mecca and the other 28 in Madina. The general lives of human being are controlled by the rules and regulations consisted in the Holy Quran. The Quran has many scientific and historic facts in it. To recite the Quran is the most spiritual and edifying profession for the Muslims. Hafiz are the people who preserve the Quran. This is the only book which can be memorized fully by heart. The Holy Quran is recited with Tajweed which means to pronounce or recite every letter correctly. Following are the sayings of  Holy Prophet (SAW) about the importance of Quran education,

Nowadays, in the world of internet, people are learning Quran online which is the most easiest way to learn. Many parents are upset about their children to get the best tutor for learning Quran. Online way of learning Quran has many advantages for example, you can recite it at any place or any time just with the connectivity of internet. We are here to provide you the best online services with the most qualified Hafiz tutors. Our courses are to designed to meet all ages group needs like children, adults and professionals. Our tutor’s panel consist of highly qualified, dedicated and skilled teachers. We are proud to give you the best service not only in Pakistan but throughout the world. If you are interested in the online Quran learning, we can definitely help you. Further details can be taken on phone by contacting our receptionist.
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Important Notice: If you are a teacher of the Holy Quran, I can publish your details on this page. Send me an email, if you are interested. opportunitypakistan@gmail.com

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