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Jewelery is an art form and a part of creativity. people love to make different designs of a gold jewelry and show their art and creativity by making florescent designs. Jewelry may be worn by men and women of any ages, but in Pakistan a jewelry is mostly worn by women.
jewelry is of different types like silver, gold, white gold and diamond, which is made of many precious gemstones. In today’s modern world people love to wear jewelry of modern designs, like a snake shape pandet, crocodile bracelet, duck shape ring. Pelople love to wear any kind to jewelry from hair pin to toe ring.
Diamond was first mind in India. As it cost alot but is is using in wedding ceremoinies especially by giving a gift from in-laws.
In early era, people mostly use to wear silver, like heavy foot payals and brroches.
Gold is very common now a days. is it using mostly while women are ready to attend party, ceremony or any wedding function. In Pakistan people also love to give as an engagment rings.
many people love to wear a ring, in which Akkek and different types of stones are placed, some have interests of wearing the stone rings according to their zodiac signs.
jewely is actually a basic need of women, they are incomplete without jewelries, it is like a body part for them.
By islamic point of view, jewely is Haram for men and vca nonly wear by women and on this Zakaat should be given to the needy people.
In karachi, there are many jewelry exhibitions organized by different designers as they want to promote their work and through this women get many new designs over there.
I personally believe that jewelry is as important as a body organ because it makes a person perfect and gives a perfect and fascinating look.
If you live in Karachi and looking for buying gold jewelries in Karachi so we can help you find the right shop for you, the following is the number where you can contact the shopkeepers directly.

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