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English is now a days a basic and important language which a person should know in every county. In pakistan English is the language which is understood by any type of person related to any area or a city. In today’s modern and competitive world, English is the most demanding language now a days. It also increases our economy and our chances of success also among other cities.
In Karachi English language is now used in every department, and it is also a compulsory subject in schools, colleges and universities. In schools there is an specific period for English language for the conversation through which students can easily improve their language skills without any hesitation, and this will make a benefit for their better future.
When a person is applying for a job in any school or office, language which is more important and is noticed by an interviewer is English Language. A person actually fulfills the job requirements while giving an interview with full confidence and especially in English. Even an interviewer will ask a question about language. Also when a person is going to apply as a school teacher the interview and also the demo which he or she should give in front of the students also in English, otherwise he or she will not be applicable for a job.
In karachi, now a days people are also focusing on improving English language as this is more demanding in today’s era. People are of any age are now joining the institutions to improve their language and also admit their children in those schools which are focusing on English especially. There are many new institutions that are also built in which many short courses of English language are also introduced so people and children having vacations can easily join and improve their language.
In future, English language will be as common as urdu and 60% of people who are not using English will speak English tomorrow.


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