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Karachi is a very large city, and distances are so long that one has to travel a long journey to reach the destination. There are several different options for travelling within the city which are Buses, Taxi, Rickshaw, car, motorbike etc.

Although, buses are very common and least expensive transportation vehicles and common people travel via buses, they carry huge count of passengers which is suffocating and even many times a driver doesn’t stop at the desired location. Another thing which the buses can’t do is roaming within the streets.

In comparison with buses, taxis, rickshaws, personel cars can do all the tasks which buses can’t. But there is a problem, majority of people in karachi are neither rich nor able to afford the traveling expense of taxis, rickshaws or can’t afford a car.

So here comes the hero of the complete story the motorbike which carries expectaions of common people.It is fuel efficient, easy to use, available at low price, affordable for common people, low cost of maintenance etc. Two more people can ride with a rider. And it is so calming for a person to have self owned vehicle.

However, motorbikes are 2 wheeler and a little bit difficult to handle, but once you learn to ride, it becomes amusement. Most amazing thing about motor bikes is they are smaller and can be taken anywhere easily. People who visit karachi also knows that there is a greater traffic issue in the city. Almost everytime, whenever i am in a hurry, there is always a traffic jam but thanks to my motorbike which always become useful in these trapping situations.

In conclusion, it can be said that a motorbike is not less than a blessing for the locals of Karachi city.

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